Ethyl Oleate/Grapeseed Oil


INGREDIENTS: Ethyl Oleate and Grape Seed Oil

Content: 20ml

Usage: This is a mixture of ethyl oleate and grape seed extract suitable for all 3rd-degree depot formulations( oil based steroid injections).

Some users face issues such as pain while injecting or swelling at the injection sight due to high concentration of APIs in injection like Bulk Bomba, Megaton 600 and Kong 700. 3rd Degree Carrier oil can be used to dilute such formulations.

In the process of continuous research and testing to make the most efficient and effective Products, Methylcobalamine ester is attached to the API in All 3rd Degree Oil-based injections. As per clinical trials done in association with the School of Medicine, Tui Tinh, Hanoi this inclusion, increases drug absorption by 25%. This also may cause the solution to look red or brownish in color.
Please refer to clinical trial data in WHY 3RD DEGREE > RESEARCH AND CLINICAL TRIALS

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product shall only be available on a prescription from a registered healthcare professional.